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FOMO, which stands for Fear of Missing Out, is one of the most common acronyms. As someone who works in the creative industry, we may see significant changes, evolution, and even new technologies every day, not just once a year or once a month. This is why animators must keep up to date with the industry’s rapid progress to stay in the line of work. Participating in Animation events is one of the most acceptable ways to stay updated.

Animation events are created and arranged to keep animators updated on the newest animation techniques. It might be programs, workshops, conferences, competitions, or even festivals that give knowledge about the animation business. Every concept offered at this event will help animators think beyond the box and provide a source of insight.

Participating in this event isn’t only for fun or to stay up to date; if that’s the case, you could google the latest popular method and save yourself the effort. But this is a lot more. There is a saying that goes like two heads are better than one. However, in this situation, there are countless heads! Like joining a community, this event will give you a broad networking chance with animators who can inspire each other and even gain contacts with large whales in the animation industry.

Maybe simply chatting with one animator you’ve never met before is all you’ll ever need. Who knows?

Of course, the best part about animation events is that they are jam-packed with fun! The activities also serve as a type of retreat for animators, allowing them to take a break from their job, breath, and let enlightenment and new ideas fill their thoughts.

Mocca has actively participated in competitions for networking and product testing since 2013. Let us take you to 5 animation events worldwide (where we are a part of some of them).

Ottawa International Animation Film Festival, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Film Institute founded this animation festival, which attracts upwards of 25,000 participants yearly.

It was becoming one of the world’s most prestigious animation forums. The OIAF offers a diverse range of first-rate screenings, exhibitions, discussions, and special events to showcase the skills of animators from Canada and throughout the world.

The OIAF is well-known in animation events for putting commercial and independent productions against one another, resulting in diverse styles and forms. It includes traditional-drawn animated films, computer-generated animation, and, more recently, virtual reality ventures.

ITB Apprentice Walt Disney, Bandung, Indonesia

The awards show hosted by LSKK STEI ITB recognizes young talents in the creative industry throughout Indonesia. This event, with the topic “Bringing Communities Together” and the slogan “Fun, Family, Optimism, Story-telling, Creativity, Innovation, and Technology,” is open to all Indonesian students and celebrates the creative works of budding digital animators and innovators.

There are two categories to remember: Best Animated Short and Best Mobile Application. Participants must interpret the primary pillars of joy, family, optimism, narrative, creativity, innovation, and technology that global and local communities desire to meet in a new and creative way using animation or mobile applications.

AYCIF, Indonesia

ASEAN Youth Creative Industry Fair was founded with the support of Japan ASEAN Integration Fund and the participation of ASEAN countries to provide a platform for youths in the region to showcase their creative talents through four different outlets: Fashion, Craft & Product Design, Games & Application, and Movie & Animation.

Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (International TrickFilm Festival – ITFS), Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS), founded in 1982, is one of the world’s largest animated film festivals. In 2016, the festival attracted over 600 films and over 80,000 people. According to the festival’s website, “the festival embraces the whole spectrum of contemporary projects in the animated cinema industry, including connections between gaming, architecture, art, design, and comedy.”

Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands

Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) was founded in 1985. Shorts, Features, Dutch Animation, and Short Student Films were among the categories. Shorts cannot be longer than minutes, while features cannot be more than 60 minutes. The worldwide competition for short student films is available to student films with a maximum duration of 60 minutes from around the world. The festival also just launched “Expanding Animation,” which showcases the work of both emerging and renowned filmmakers. This festival component is non-competitive.

Then, after all of this, can I have another reason for just… you know,… get more motivation to participate?

You are aware of the term “opportunity,” right? Participating in this event may be just what any animator needs to gain that ultimate break in their animation career. Imagine struggling to get things done or trying so hard to obtain a decent bargain all along; you never know, attending one of these events may be just what is required to make your hopes and aspirations come true.

Don’t forget about the exposure and connections that come with these events; you may brag about it to your friends! Let’s leave the link and prominent break rhetoric away for a while and focus on the numerous insights and exposure to the newest animation methods usually presented at these events. It will be worth every penny you pay on the fare ticket!

And, indeed! Competitions, awards, and other prizes are also featured in some of these events, guaranteed to attract any animator to actively participate in one of these events. Not to mention that your work as an animator may be highlighted at these events, providing you with a larger audience than you may imagine.

In a nutshell, these animation events aim to educate both animators and non-animators about the art of animation. The driving spirit behind these animation events is the whole brain work, design, production process, and, most importantly, time spent by animators to produce the most outstanding animation possible.

So, as an animator, it would be wise to attend an animation event to appreciate your craft and art!

Although this post only talks about 5 animation events (because I don’t want to research that much due to my deadline), remember that numerous animation events exist and are held worldwide. While considering and planning to attend animation events, check out our free internship program at mocci. id and build your portfolio under our expert supervision.

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