Build a second brain to avoid burnout

Since I graduated from high school and started my semi-professional career phase, I’m starting to look for a better way to keep myself together in this noisy world. Don’t worry. I got what I needed, called a “Second brain.”

After discovering the words “second brain,” I jump to doing my mini research!

I’m starting by watching A LOT of productivity “Gurus,” Seriously, I’m watching all of their videos on YouTube just to understand what the hell I should do in my life to avoid burnout. But do you know what the results are?


Well, here’s the moral of the story, bro… do not compare yourself with others. I don’t want to have a complex second brain as an ordinary human being. The brain inside my head is complicated enough. Most YouTubers that I watch (not most, It’s literally all of them) must be said, “It’s quite simple,” then start to dump their entire knowledge that has been built for several years.

I mean, I’m just a graduate of high school, not a businessman. It’s not a simple system if we have to use lots of different apps to organize our life 🙂

So here, I’ll share my productivity system, a.k.a my second brain. Please note that a productivity system is not one size fits all! You will get overwhelmed if you force yourself into someone else system. OKAY, HERE WE GO, LESGEDIT!

My second brain is all about capturing ideas and keeping them safe. If I draw it using my elementary drawing skills, this is how it looks.

When i told you i love simplycity, i mean it A LOT 🙂

That’s it, this is the end of the post, see u on my next post 🙂

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